What Does A General Check Up Include That You Must Know?

A general check-up is usually for those who want to check their health generally. It means that they want to know about their real body’s condition. Therefore, what does a general check up include? It is just a common question asked.

There are several things you need to know including in general check up. Mostly are about height/weight check, blood pressure check, throat, ear, and eye check. Plus, there’re any other checks like cholesterol level, blood sugar, and others. Here are more explanation about the most general check up includes.

1. Height and Weight Check

People might think that their weight doesn’t affect their bodies. Whereas, weight states how healthy somebody is. The ideal weight brings you to a healthier body nowadays. Calculating the ideal weight is always related to height. It’s because height and weight are something that unites.

There are many methods to determine a healthy weight. For instance, waist to hip ratio, waist to height ratio and body fat percentage. However, you have to keep in mind that the ideal weight between male and female is different.

The doctor will help the patients to lose or gain weight to get the ideal weight. Moreover, the doctor will make them at least just to stay healthy.

2. Blood Pressure Check

The blood pressure check is quite important because everything that related to the human body relates to a blood. Besides, blood pressure is also becoming a significant cause of death. Consequently, the measure of blood pressure is vital for the prevention of related diseases.

It’s no wonder if blood pressure is what does a general check up include. For the ill-patients, blood pressure is important to check their condition. Therefore, in general check up, blood pressure measurement is a must. This check reveals how healthy you are and what you have to do.

3. Throat, Ear And Eye Check

Medical check-ups on the throat, ear, and eye are different. There are some procedures to check the throat which are different from the ear and eye check-up. First, the patients’ general history like alcohol or tobacco use and dental history is important. Throat check-up includes an examination of the oral cavity.

History of the patient before doing the check-up is important. The examination of the ear includes an assessment of the hearing and the appearance of the ear. Furthermore, an eye examination assesses vision and the ability to focus and discern an object.

4. Blood Sugar Check

Blood sugar check is to monitor blood glucose which will provide information for diabetes management. For those who have diabetes this test is very vital. However, for those who don’t, this test could help to maintain the glucose properly. From the most checkup, blood sugar check is the simplest.

5. Cholesterol Level Check

Cholesterol level check is somewhat important. It’s because the test helps to determine the risk of buildup of plaques in arteries. Also, the plaques can lead to blocked or narrowed arteries throughout the body.

If you still ask about what does a general check up include? That information above will help you so much. The tests above are vital to do in a general check up.

Types of Business Information System That Can Grow Your Business

Information systems have developed along with the development of information technology that is very fast. Proved to be very instrumental in economic activities and develop implementation strategies. The following are the types of business information systems that can be useful.

1 Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing functions are responsible for selling the organization’s products or services. Marketing pays attention to the introduction of customer product or service companies.

Moreover determining the needs and desires of customers, planning and developing products or services. To meet the needs and advertise and promote products or services. Sales relate to contacting customers selling products and services, taking orders, and continuing sales.

This activity can be considered a business process. The support of the business process is sales and marketing information systems. For example sales and marketing systems, among others, recognize customers, make customers aware of products, sell products.

2 Manufacturing and Production

The manufacturing and production functions are responsible for actually producing the company’s goods and services. Manufacturing and production systems are associated with planning, developing and maintaining production facilities.

Moreover setting production targets; procurement, storage and availability of production materials. And scheduling the equipment, facilities, raw materials, and labor needed to form the final product.

The support of this activity is manufacturing and production information systems. For example, manufacturing and production systems that combine products, check the quality and make bills of raw materials.

3 Finance and Accounting

The financial function is responsible for managing the company’s financial assets, such as cash, stocks, bonds and other investments. To maximize returns on these financial assets. The financial function is also responsible for managing the company’s capitalization (finding new financial assets in shares, bonds, or other forms of debt).

The accounting function is responsible for maintaining and managing the company’s financial records – receipts, payments, depreciation, payroll to calculate the flow of funds in the company. For example the financial and accounting systems, namely Paying creditors, Making financial reports and Managing cash accounts.

4 Human Resources

The function of human resources is responsible for attracting, developing, and maintaining the company’s workforce. Human resource information will support some activities. For example identifying potential employees, maintaining of existing employees, and creating programs to develop employee talent.

The human resource system helps senior management recognize human resource needs – (expertise, level of education, type of position, number of positions, and costs) to meet the company’s long-term business plan. To analyze and monitor some employee recruitment, and placement uses a human resource system exactly middle management.

Moreover Operational management uses this system to track the recruitment and placement of company employees. As an example of a human resource system that is deploying customers, evaluating employee performance and involving employees in the benefits plan.

So, the information system is an arrangement consisting of several components such as people, activities, data, hardware, software, and integrated networks. That function to support and improve the daily operations of a business also provides information needs for problem-solving and managerial decision making.

Those are some types of business information systems that might develop your business. If you pay attention to these types and evaluate them.

7 Things Of How To Start A Small Business At Home

Doing a small business may give good value to your financial life. It still can operate while people have to work in the morning because this is still small.

There is a lot of big companies start from those “small businesses” maybe you want to make it too? Let see how to start a small business at home in these 7 points.

1. Think, What You Want To Do

Of course, the first thing before doing something is thinking. You have to brainstorm to find what business you can and want to do.

You can start by making a list of possible things. That list will help you to choose which is the most possible one. So start writing now.

2. Is It Going Online Or Offline?

The next consideration is whether it is going online or offline. If it is online you just need to prepare a gadget or computer, internet, and stuff you want to offer.

But if it going to be offline you have to prepare the place, decoration, and many things else. This would be better if you consider the asset and fund you have. Adjust your choice to what you have.

3. Gather Information And Start To Buy All The Things You Need

After deciding what to offer and how to do the business, start to gather more information. For example, if you are deciding to sell some clothes online you have to understand the material of each clothes.

Then find more information about the quality, and how to ship them to the customer. You have to learn about photography too because the customer will see your product first from the photo.

4. Do Online Promotion

The next thing when you are ready to sell or do that small business is preparing promotions. You can do online promotion.

Maybe through your own social media or another place. Online promotion is needed because now everybody is living in an online society too.

So even you sell or offer something offline, you still need to make an online company profile. So people will easier to get in touch with your business.

5. Run Your Small Business

The fifth step is running the small business seriously. A lot of people doing small business and some time left them for a while. Maybe because the profit is not good, or they just bored and don’t know what to do next.

If you are really want to run a business, the most important thing you must have is consistency. If you are not consistency so the business will get worse.

6. Count All Income And Expense

Managing a small business is a must. Count all income and expenses. Use money manager apps so they will count them for you.

This is important to your business growth and your self-discipline. Now maybe you just need to pay your self. But who doesn’t want their business bigger?

Getting bigger means you can’t handle anything alone. You need more people to help, and they need a salary too. So be transparent and count everything.

7. Do The Profit And Loss Analysis

The next thing is doing an analysis every month. That analysis will help you to detect a problem. A loss doesn’t always mean you set too low price.

There might be a failure in your expense or your asset management. This analysis will help you to find the problem then figure it out.

These seven things of how to start a small business at home, can be done easily if you really want to do that business. Small businesses always can be big and bigger. The secret is just being tough and smart.

Don’t be easy to give up. Because all new things must have a new problem too. Be positive and try harder.

What is Sbobet?

If you often hear there are a myriad of people out there who ask about “What is SBOBET?” And by chance you are also confused about SBOBET then you have visited the right article posting. Since there are thousands of questions like that, you can get the answers when you become a part of a trusted SBOBET agent. This is where your experience begins to be honed and slowly you will understand the prizes and promos provided, rules, play tutorials and how to play correctly.

You could say the true understanding of SBOBET, which is one of the online gambling websites that offers a variety of soccer gambling games that are presented in an online form that can later make you make a lot of profit with very simple tricks. So it is not surprising that daftar sbobet is the leading soccer gambling website in Indonesia where the service is so favored and the number one choice for all prospective members who want to earn lots of money and attractive promos easily.

Not only that, here SBOBET also works as a jury that can really present you a game that is running fair without any form of cheating so that you have a great opportunity to gain enormous benefits when you become a member in it. That way, you can feel a different sensation when you join SBOBET. For this reason, there is nothing to debate about when discussing the meaning of SBOBET.

So, what is the meaning of SBOBET Indonesia?

If you each find difficulties with the understanding of SBOBET Indonesia, then I will explain a little here. SBOBET is an online gambling company that presents soccer gambling games for all members which can give you a lot of advantages in a fairly easy and simple way. Not only that, one thing you should know when you are on the SBOBET website is that you will also be offered with a variety of very attractive bonuses and promos.

What about the money earned?

When you know its credibility, of course you will never doubt their performance. Because actually SBOBET is also one of the gambling companies that can be accessed via online. So it is not surprising that SBOBET can earn billions of dollars in turnover every week. And that’s why if there are a myriad of soccer gamblers who often arrive to risk their luck with a very simple trick. Then, how to do it?

One trick that can be done by them is enough to play soccer gambling that is presented in SBOBET. With this trick later, they all get a great opportunity to earn a very large income in the simplest way. For that, you should not miss this brilliant opportunity once in a while because SBOBET will always open its doors wide for all of you who are interested in becoming a part of it. Believe me, when you decide to join SBOBET, you can get what you want right now.

This is because in general SBOBET is deliberately present to offer you an online gambling action service aimed at online soccer gambling enthusiasts who always dream of being able to get a pile of money in a short way. If you are a typical gambler like that, then now is the right time for all of you to jump right into the world of SBOBET gambling by placing your bets on your favorite soccer clubs.

How To Start a Fintech Startup You Need To Know

The fintech startup has become one of the important instruments that can support the digital economy. You can see that people’s needs for financial needs are increasing. If you are interested in establishing a startup fintech, read the following review about how to start a fintech startup.

The fintech startup has a great opportunity to continue to progress and develop. However, if you want to start a fintech startup, you have to prepare a lot of things. If you are curious about how to start a fintech startup, let’s read the review below:

1.     You Must Establish a Limited Liability Company

If you want to establish a fintech-based company, the option of the business entity is to have a Limited Liability Company. The company you are going to set up should be a legal entity and aim for profit.

The advantage of establishing a legal entity ltd is to separate company assets from personal assets. So, if the company loses, then what is taken are the company’s assets not the property of shareholders.

2.     Make Sure You Meet The Capital Requirements

If you want to start a fintech startup, then you have to make sure you have enough capital. It is because this business does require a lot of capital to be able to develop and progress. This is also because your business is a money lending service.

However, when you want to set up a fintech startup, you have to go through the licensing process. The licensing process requires you to have a minimum capital of 2.5 billion rupiahs.

3.     You Must Register a Business License

You must meet the requirements of a company establishment. Make sure you meet all the requirements completely and there is nothing you miss. In addition to submitting any documents, you must also submit your company’s one-year work plan.

You must submit a description of the business activities that you will do. Furthermore, you must also provide information about the targets you want to achieve. Then, you can tell about the steps you take to meet these targets.

4.     Start to Find a Business Place

If your capital is very minimal, you can just use Virtual Office. However, you must have a certificate explaining that you only use the virtual office. This is because you will usually be asked about proof of ownership of the building or office space.

This, of course, requires you to have a physical office as a place of business. However, it is better if you already have a physical place of business.

5.     Make Company Regulations

Another thing you should pay attention to is that you have to make company rules. Since you are in the fintech area, then make rules about money lending services. For example, you must make regulations about the maximum loan amount.

Make simple but clear rules. Do not let these regulations confuse your consumers because you can also lose. Make a clear agreement between you and your customers because it is a matter of money.

Now you know about how to start a fintech startup. This method has certainly been simplified so that you more easily understand it. Make sure you meet all the requirements so you can easily set up a fintech startup.

Some Checklist Regarding Branding And Marketing Strategy, Before Carrying Out Promotions

In marketing strategies, don’t make the mistake of just making cool logos, taglines challenge opponents, and slogans. The journey of building branding is also influence. Because do not let when it involves the media, perceptions in the community scattered. The following is a checklist of branding and marketing strategy.

1. Brand Legality

Make sure the legality of the brand meets the applicable laws. Do not have to build a brand with events, promotions, advertisements, viral, and social media but it turns out the brand has been registered. This often happens and noisy until the conflict must reach a lawsuit, involving the court.

2. Identification of the Target Market

Some studies, illustrate that the high growth of brand sales and companies achieve high profits because of the focus on definite targets. The narrower the focus, it will prove faster growth. And increasingly varied, many variations in the target audience, the smaller the probability of sales compared to marketing costs.

So it is very important to have a formulation of identification of target consumers, and that is a wonderful start, because every target market, has communication abilities, and different expectations for the existence of products on the market.

3. Formulation of Perception

Formulate the perception of the brand will be using, if you want to make an impression cheap, strong, durable, innovative, and make no mistake in formulating it. If a perception has been formulating will be implanted in the market, then in making promotional advertisements, it will be easier to design.

For example, if the perception is cheap, then advertising uses endorser figures from representatives of the lower classes, if impressed by the elite, then using advertising figures from famous artists, officials, and also in the design, some devices show a luxury.

This formulation of perception will be positioned as a positioning effort in the marketing world. Do not be wrongly formulated, for example, formulated perceptions of cheap, but in advertising, marketing campaigns instead use the impression of luxury attributes.

4. Unique Visualization Formulations

Marketing strategies, in general, often have named different words. Meaning that they are easily distinguished from competitors, easy to digest and easy to understand. If it is necessary to visualize taking a clean, relieving impression.

If even with a logo, it must be easily distinguishable, writing is also easy to read. Nt with Latin letters that are difficult to read, tend to use capital letters that easily recognized. The use of colors for visualization, conditions must also adjust, not to products about nature.

5. Tagline or Byline Formulation

In various marketing efforts, which often appear as a slogan. There are 2 meanings, between byline and tagline, if byline is flat, descriptive. While the tagline is more positioned to be challenging, competitive and decisive.

If you understand more deeply, new companies can play safely on the byline. An established company can develop branded products with TAGLINE. This is one of the branding and marketing strategy must be done.

Those are some checklists about branding and marketing strategy before promoting. You should do have the strategy planned out before you start the promotion. 

Free Online Fun Games for Kids That are Educating

With the development of technology, it is almost impossible to split people from their gadgets. Not only adults but kids these days are also very into gadgets. Well, rather than avoiding them from the gadget, try to give positive activities to them. These days there are online fun games for kids that not only free but also educating. Therefore, kids will not only play but learn new things at the same time.

Most online fun games for kids can be downloaded on your gadget. Therefore, you can access it from anywhere. The best part is most of these games are free and easy to play. So, even if the kids get confused the parents can help.

1. Create Mosaics

The name of the game, people will know that this is a math game. Despite math subject, this game will be fun for the kids. In this game, kids will get the opportunity to create a mosaic with different shapes. They will drag different kinds of shapes into the frame. Then they must adjust the shape, so it can all suit into the frame. This game introduces shapes to kids and makes kids think extra on how to adjust. So, by playing an online game, your children will also learn geometry.

2. Alphabet Balloon Pop

Kids who are starting to learn alphabets can try this online game. In this game, children will have to pop out the alphabets out. For example, if the parents choose letters B, E, and G, then the child will have to pop these letters out. Parents can choose which letter to pop out. Therefore, kids can learn new alphabets every time they play the game. By playing the game over and over kids will slowly know alphabets.

3. Counting Pizza Party

One of the online fun games for kids to play is the counting pizza party. This is also a math game, but of course in a fun way. Here kids will have to put the correct type of toppings on the pizza with the right quantity. When it is time to serve, the waiter will count the number of toppings out loud. The fun characters make the games more interesting and fun. Therefore, in this game, kids will learn how to count and know many kinds of vegetables.

4. Learn Coding with Roly

A unique online game for kids is coding with Roly. This game makes kids save Roly by using available codes. So, kids will slowly learn the meaning of signs such as forward, rewind, reverse. Kids must drag the signs into a box and when it is all collected Roly will move. It is a very simple but useful game for kids to learn.

5. Rhyming Words

Fun game kids can play online is the rhyming game. Here kids will have to match a word with another word that rhymes. For example, there is a picture of a fox, then they can choose another picture of a sock. Because of these two-word rhymes.

 With many online fun games for kids, parents don’t need to worry about how kids will study. However, parents still need to supervise their kids when they play with gadgets. So, try out these online games and see how your kids develop.  


5 Best Ideas Of Low Cost Marketing Strategy Plan For Startup Company

Making a startup is not that easy. It might seem cool, awesome, or you name whatever. But in fact, some startups are trying so hard to sustain. One of the ways is doing marketing massively. Even though they have no budget, they push it to look incredible. So, their market will believe that their company is trusted. However, marketing is not always costly. Thus, we share with you the ideas of low cost marketing strategy plan suits for every startup.

low cost marketing strategy plan

Before you follow our tips below, please make sure that you have a solid team. You have to be in one goal, so doing this strategy doesn’t feel hard. It is challenging indeed, but it doesn’t mean you cannot achieve what you have set as the goal. Be realistic for the target, then try to do these low cost marketing strategy plan below:

1. Social Media Activity

Having a social media account is a must for business. There are two types and you must make the business account version. When people already knew your social media account, it is easier to create the activity. It is known as “gimmick”. Try to make a contest will be great to increase market awareness. You can also give a challenge, then prize the winner with your product sample or special discount. These ways are proven effective to gain your sales too.

2. Join Event

Let your PR does their job. If you don’t have people specialized for PR, then it should be done by the marketing team. Find the event schedule around your target market. It could be based in a community event, regional exhibition, or group gathering. Also, see the calendar, it might be a special day to celebrate. For example, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and many others.

3. SEO

As a startup, it is okay not having a website. But at least you have a blog where your customers can explore you. See if is it done great with the SEO? If you cannot find your site on the first Google page, then there is something to do with your site or blog. Create a visible and credible content. Explore how to get your page on the first rank. SEO is something you can learn and manage by yourself.

4. E-mail Marketing

It is one of the best low cost marketing strategy plan, even you are the startup or the big company. Sending e-mail marketing doesn’t always need a high-cost. Actually, there are several providers that allow you to use it for free. Indeed, they limit the number of receivers. But, you can still see this as a low-cost tool for your marketing strategy. The preparations for this strategy are gathering customers’ e-mail, attractive content, and other integrated communications.

5. Referral Program

You need to have a separate budget to join this program. When you do a referral program, it means you give a commission for the publishers. The amount is based on your agreement with them. However, the referral program still costs you money and you need to put it in the marketing plan.

When you start your company, just believe that you could be a success even with a minimum budget. Money indeed matters for success. But it is not all about it. Be persistent and try those low cost marketing strategy plan above.

6 Business Idea For Stay At Home Mom And Easy To Do

The profession as a housewife who is devoted to the family. Sometimes makes you miss the time to be an employee. Not because of yearning because of work as an employee. But missed the moment of receiving a salary. The profession as a housewife does not have an income every month like employees. But they will get the price of affection from their beloved family. Some business idea for stay at home mom can also get back like a regular employee salary.

6 Business Idea For Stay At Home Mom And Easy To Do

The trick is to run a side business of a housewife. But to run a housewife side business, you must choose the right business idea and not a hassle so that homework can still be done well.

1. Fashion Goods Reseller Business

The first business idea for stay at home mom is to resell fashion goods. Be they resellers of clothes, accessories, to shoes. This type of business is very easy. And also does not require capital. Because you will trade the distributor’s belongings. Aka other people’s belongings. To run this fashion goods reseller business, you only need gadgets and the internet. You can sell these fashion items through privately owned social media accounts. Or create special accounts to sell yourself.

2. Businesses Buying and Selling Credit and Electric Tokens

Other types of housewives who are also very easy. Fortunately, you don’t get as much as a fashion item reseller. But the best-selling opportunity is quite large. Because, in this era, pulses are not only for telephone calls but also internet access. As for the electric token, you will get many customers from neighbors, friends, and family. To run this business, you must be prepared to service credit requests at any time.

3. Frozen Food Business

Next, there is a frozen food business that is included in the type of food business. For housewives who are good at cooking, of course, this business can simultaneously distribute hobbies. Unlike the catering business which takes quite a lot of time. This frozen food business is relatively easier to do. Because you don’t need to cook every day. Take leisure time when there is not much homework to make various frozen foods such as nuggets, meatballs, sausages, dim sum, and so forth. But to run this business idea for stay at home mom, surely you must have a large freezer

4. Snack Packaging Business

In addition to the frozen food business. You can also open a snack packaging business. Types of packaged snacks that are sold in the market are chips and nuts. Not much different from frozen food. You don’t need to make packaged snacks every day. To run this business, you need quite a lot of capital. Because you have to buy a food packaging machine. So that the crispness of your snack will still be crisp.

5. Coffee Blend Business

You surely, know that at this time the Indonesian people are having a coffee fever. And you have to use this moment to be part of a side business. You can sell blended coffee in the form of sachets. Also, disposables so that buyers only need to brew it. But you have to learn how to mix coffee properly. So that the results of your concoctions taste good and are loved by customers.

6. Wet and Dry Cake Business

If you have the expertise to make cakes, then just use it to be a wet and dry cake business. Make menus in packages. So people will order more than one type of cake. Offer it through social media to friends and close family first. To avoid fatigue, you can limit your order to a maximum of three times a week. That way you can still run the profession as a good housewife.

After knowing which household business options the desired housewife. Now just think and calculate the capital needed. So that the business idea for stay at home mom continues until success.

5 Incredibly Exciting Famous Food Festival In The World You Won’t Miss

When you travel, don’t just visit popular sites or taking a selfie. Make another experience by tasting local culinary. Food is the thing you must not miss whenever you go. In a certain country, they have special moments only for eating food. They make a celebration, so people know it as the food festival. Find out the famous food festival in the world here. Mark the date and be there to join the crowd.

If you are in the diet program, then please forget only one day. You will be sorry if missing this moment. This event is full of distinctive foods and people around the world. You might also see the creativity of local chefs. Whatever it is, Just prepare yourself for this entertaining event. Here is the list of famous food festival in the world you won’t miss:

famous food festival in the world

1. Oktoberfest

Set your time to fly to Germany in October. Then, you will find the biggest beer celebration ever. All beer lovers around the world are in one place to enjoy the beer. There are lots of beer and culinary, like pretzel, roasted meats, and many more. You will never be regret bath in the crowd.

2. Pizzafest

Take a little longer time in Italy in September. Every third week of September there will be a Pizzafest. This is the most famous food festival in Naples, Italy. Held in the origin place where pizza was created, Pizzafest offers you lots of various pizza. It starts from the classic Napoletana, Marinara, and many others. If you are pizza lovers, then you must be there at least once!

3. Salon du Chocolate

In late October until early November, you must fly to Paris. This moment is dedicated to the Salon du Chocolate, where the chocolate lovers and fashion people are in the same place. You don’t only enjoy the chocolate. But also, you will see the fashion show costumes made from chocolate. What a sweet event to be missed.

4. Herring Festival

If you want to find a local food festival, then Herring Festival is the answer. This festival is in Denmark every April. You will see the party of fisherman there. Thus, lots of fish-caked, fried, filleted, and baked are served for you. You won’t find the other best seafood festival, especially for fish, but the Herring Festival. In other words, this festival is a unique cultural food around the world for many people.

5. Vegetarian Festival

Have we mentioned to forget about your diet? Well, don’t be sad, diet people! Probably you have ever heard about the popular food festival in Thailand. The name is “vegetarian food festival”. This is a heaven for vegan people. You can find various dishes made from vegetables, soybean, fruits, and protein products. Moreover, this event is more exciting because fulfilled by music, attractions, and parades.

Each country usually has its own event to introduce their local food. No matter how big the celebration is, you need to try its culinary once you travel. Explore more about the other famous food festival in the world. Above all, add those five events above to your holiday list.