Free-Downloaded Best Photography Editor For Windows

Free-Downloaded Best Photography Editor For Windows

A photo editor is used to get a better result. By using this tool, you can add effects, touches, or other adjustments. Sometimes it is needed for professionals too. They edit photos of models, for example removing the blemish, airbrushing, and fixing some errors (brightness, contract, etc.). Photo editing is also called photo manipulation because the result is tricked, people. Thus, you must explore the best photography editor for Windows in this article.

There are lots of photo editors, both in the free and paid versions. Even though you are using the free version, you still can get an amazing result. It is easier if you do edit through desktop, you will get a wider look than through the phone. As time goes by, the developers improve their app. So, find the best photography editor for Windows here to fulfill your needs:

1. Canva

Canva is available in free and paid. But there is no significant difference if you are the home users. You get so many benefits from Canva after signing up using e-mail. Canva gives you 1GB free cloud storage, 8,000 templates for creating new and editing, and two folders to organize your work. You might not find the advanced tools, but Canva already completes itself with vignette effects, tints, brightness adjustment, and much more. Don’t forget to use other graphics tools to make your design more perfect.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) could be the best photography editor for Windows ever. This editor is a complete package for you to get a result like a pro. Luckily, it is an open-source because some developers are included here. So, day by day you can get the update of new version tools. The excellent tools are curves, masks, custom brushes, and many more. Choose the right one for you from its official glossary. If you want more, you can install Photoshop plugins.

3. Paint.NET

Using this tool is quite the same as GIMP, but less powerful because simpler. Simplicity is something that Paint.NET wants to show. You can quick and easy operate this tool for trivial tasks. Knowing the tools are very simple, sometimes you might feel like using Paint in Microsoft. But, during the time, the developer improves by adding more editing tools, such as a number of filters, plugins, 3D rotate/zoom, and many more.

4. PhotoScape

A complete package means more than editing for PhotoScape. Even though it is free, you will be amazed by its menu, features, animated GIF creation, configurations, and many others. As a beginner, you are suitable for using PhotoScape. But it doesn’t mean an expert cannot use this. Just try its incredible filter features.

5. PiZap

You might want to edit a photo from social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Google Photo, and anywhere. PiZap can take photos from there and then edit it. Right after you finish the process, PiZap helps you to share the result to your account, storage cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Also, if you want to send it by e-mail, it is possible. Don’t be confused about the interface. The display looks dark, but it is impressive as its elegant look. Better for you when your screen is touch-screen.

The best photography editor for Windows has been very helpful for everyone. Thus, as time goes by there are various types and tools featured. Get the free one and work like a pro. When you feel need more expert tools, then join its monthly subscription.

Felix Knight