Some Checklist Regarding Branding And Marketing Strategy, Before Carrying Out Promotions

In marketing strategies, don’t make the mistake of just making cool logos, taglines challenge opponents, and slogans. The journey of building branding is also influence. Because do not let when it involves the media, perceptions in the community scattered. The following is a checklist of branding and marketing strategy.

1. Brand Legality

Make sure the legality of the brand meets the applicable laws. Do not have to build a brand with events, promotions, advertisements, viral, and social media but it turns out the brand has been registered. This often happens and noisy until the conflict must reach a lawsuit, involving the court.

2. Identification of the Target Market

Some studies, illustrate that the high growth of brand sales and companies achieve high profits because of the focus on definite targets. The narrower the focus, it will prove faster growth. And increasingly varied, many variations in the target audience, the smaller the probability of sales compared to marketing costs.

So it is very important to have a formulation of identification of target consumers, and that is a wonderful start, because every target market, has communication abilities, and different expectations for the existence of products on the market.

3. Formulation of Perception

Formulate the perception of the brand will be using, if you want to make an impression cheap, strong, durable, innovative, and make no mistake in formulating it. If a perception has been formulating will be implanted in the market, then in making promotional advertisements, it will be easier to design.

For example, if the perception is cheap, then advertising uses endorser figures from representatives of the lower classes, if impressed by the elite, then using advertising figures from famous artists, officials, and also in the design, some devices show a luxury.

This formulation of perception will be positioned as a positioning effort in the marketing world. Do not be wrongly formulated, for example, formulated perceptions of cheap, but in advertising, marketing campaigns instead use the impression of luxury attributes.

4. Unique Visualization Formulations

Marketing strategies, in general, often have named different words. Meaning that they are easily distinguished from competitors, easy to digest and easy to understand. If it is necessary to visualize taking a clean, relieving impression.

If even with a logo, it must be easily distinguishable, writing is also easy to read. Nt with Latin letters that are difficult to read, tend to use capital letters that easily recognized. The use of colors for visualization, conditions must also adjust, not to products about nature.

5. Tagline or Byline Formulation

In various marketing efforts, which often appear as a slogan. There are 2 meanings, between byline and tagline, if byline is flat, descriptive. While the tagline is more positioned to be challenging, competitive and decisive.

If you understand more deeply, new companies can play safely on the byline. An established company can develop branded products with TAGLINE. This is one of the branding and marketing strategy must be done.

Those are some checklists about branding and marketing strategy before promoting. You should do have the strategy planned out before you start the promotion.