6 Business Idea For Stay At Home Mom And Easy To Do

6 Business Idea For Stay At Home Mom And Easy To Do

The profession as a housewife who is devoted to the family. Sometimes makes you miss the time to be an employee. Not because of yearning because of work as an employee. But missed the moment of receiving a salary. The profession as a housewife does not have an income every month like employees. But they will get the price of affection from their beloved family. Some business idea for stay at home mom can also get back like a regular employee salary.

6 Business Idea For Stay At Home Mom And Easy To Do

The trick is to run a side business of a housewife. But to run a housewife side business, you must choose the right business idea and not a hassle so that homework can still be done well.

1. Fashion Goods Reseller Business

The first business idea for stay at home mom is to resell fashion goods. Be they resellers of clothes, accessories, to shoes. This type of business is very easy. And also does not require capital. Because you will trade the distributor’s belongings. Aka other people’s belongings. To run this fashion goods reseller business, you only need gadgets and the internet. You can sell these fashion items through privately owned social media accounts. Or create special accounts to sell yourself.

2. Businesses Buying and Selling Credit and Electric Tokens

Other types of housewives who are also very easy. Fortunately, you don’t get as much as a fashion item reseller. But the best-selling opportunity is quite large. Because, in this era, pulses are not only for telephone calls but also internet access. As for the electric token, you will get many customers from neighbors, friends, and family. To run this business, you must be prepared to service credit requests at any time.

3. Frozen Food Business

Next, there is a frozen food business that is included in the type of food business. For housewives who are good at cooking, of course, this business can simultaneously distribute hobbies. Unlike the catering business which takes quite a lot of time. This frozen food business is relatively easier to do. Because you don’t need to cook every day. Take leisure time when there is not much homework to make various frozen foods such as nuggets, meatballs, sausages, dim sum, and so forth. But to run this business idea for stay at home mom, surely you must have a large freezer

4. Snack Packaging Business

In addition to the frozen food business. You can also open a snack packaging business. Types of packaged snacks that are sold in the market are chips and nuts. Not much different from frozen food. You don’t need to make packaged snacks every day. To run this business, you need quite a lot of capital. Because you have to buy a food packaging machine. So that the crispness of your snack will still be crisp.

5. Coffee Blend Business

You surely, know that at this time the Indonesian people are having a coffee fever. And you have to use this moment to be part of a side business. You can sell blended coffee in the form of sachets. Also, disposables so that buyers only need to brew it. But you have to learn how to mix coffee properly. So that the results of your concoctions taste good and are loved by customers.

6. Wet and Dry Cake Business

If you have the expertise to make cakes, then just use it to be a wet and dry cake business. Make menus in packages. So people will order more than one type of cake. Offer it through social media to friends and close family first. To avoid fatigue, you can limit your order to a maximum of three times a week. That way you can still run the profession as a good housewife.

After knowing which household business options the desired housewife. Now just think and calculate the capital needed. So that the business idea for stay at home mom continues until success.

Felix Knight