Some Checklist Regarding Branding And Marketing Strategy, Before Carrying Out Promotions

In marketing strategies, don’t make the mistake of just making cool logos, taglines challenge opponents, and slogans. The journey of building branding is also influence. Because do not let when it involves the media, perceptions in the community scattered. The following is a checklist of branding and marketing strategy.

1. Brand Legality

Make sure the legality of the brand meets the applicable laws. Do not have to build a brand with events, promotions, advertisements, viral, and social media but it turns out the brand has been registered. This often happens and noisy until the conflict must reach a lawsuit, involving the court.

2. Identification of the Target Market

Some studies, illustrate that the high growth of brand sales and companies achieve high profits because of the focus on definite targets. The narrower the focus, it will prove faster growth. And increasingly varied, many variations in the target audience, the smaller the probability of sales compared to marketing costs.

So it is very important to have a formulation of identification of target consumers, and that is a wonderful start, because every target market, has communication abilities, and different expectations for the existence of products on the market.

3. Formulation of Perception

Formulate the perception of the brand will be using, if you want to make an impression cheap, strong, durable, innovative, and make no mistake in formulating it. If a perception has been formulating will be implanted in the market, then in making promotional advertisements, it will be easier to design.

For example, if the perception is cheap, then advertising uses endorser figures from representatives of the lower classes, if impressed by the elite, then using advertising figures from famous artists, officials, and also in the design, some devices show a luxury.

This formulation of perception will be positioned as a positioning effort in the marketing world. Do not be wrongly formulated, for example, formulated perceptions of cheap, but in advertising, marketing campaigns instead use the impression of luxury attributes.

4. Unique Visualization Formulations

Marketing strategies, in general, often have named different words. Meaning that they are easily distinguished from competitors, easy to digest and easy to understand. If it is necessary to visualize taking a clean, relieving impression.

If even with a logo, it must be easily distinguishable, writing is also easy to read. Nt with Latin letters that are difficult to read, tend to use capital letters that easily recognized. The use of colors for visualization, conditions must also adjust, not to products about nature.

5. Tagline or Byline Formulation

In various marketing efforts, which often appear as a slogan. There are 2 meanings, between byline and tagline, if byline is flat, descriptive. While the tagline is more positioned to be challenging, competitive and decisive.

If you understand more deeply, new companies can play safely on the byline. An established company can develop branded products with TAGLINE. This is one of the branding and marketing strategy must be done.

Those are some checklists about branding and marketing strategy before promoting. You should do have the strategy planned out before you start the promotion. 

5 Best Ideas Of Low Cost Marketing Strategy Plan For Startup Company

Making a startup is not that easy. It might seem cool, awesome, or you name whatever. But in fact, some startups are trying so hard to sustain. One of the ways is doing marketing massively. Even though they have no budget, they push it to look incredible. So, their market will believe that their company is trusted. However, marketing is not always costly. Thus, we share with you the ideas of low cost marketing strategy plan suits for every startup.

low cost marketing strategy plan

Before you follow our tips below, please make sure that you have a solid team. You have to be in one goal, so doing this strategy doesn’t feel hard. It is challenging indeed, but it doesn’t mean you cannot achieve what you have set as the goal. Be realistic for the target, then try to do these low cost marketing strategy plan below:

1. Social Media Activity

Having a social media account is a must for business. There are two types and you must make the business account version. When people already knew your social media account, it is easier to create the activity. It is known as “gimmick”. Try to make a contest will be great to increase market awareness. You can also give a challenge, then prize the winner with your product sample or special discount. These ways are proven effective to gain your sales too.

2. Join Event

Let your PR does their job. If you don’t have people specialized for PR, then it should be done by the marketing team. Find the event schedule around your target market. It could be based in a community event, regional exhibition, or group gathering. Also, see the calendar, it might be a special day to celebrate. For example, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and many others.

3. SEO

As a startup, it is okay not having a website. But at least you have a blog where your customers can explore you. See if is it done great with the SEO? If you cannot find your site on the first Google page, then there is something to do with your site or blog. Create a visible and credible content. Explore how to get your page on the first rank. SEO is something you can learn and manage by yourself.

4. E-mail Marketing

It is one of the best low cost marketing strategy plan, even you are the startup or the big company. Sending e-mail marketing doesn’t always need a high-cost. Actually, there are several providers that allow you to use it for free. Indeed, they limit the number of receivers. But, you can still see this as a low-cost tool for your marketing strategy. The preparations for this strategy are gathering customers’ e-mail, attractive content, and other integrated communications.

5. Referral Program

You need to have a separate budget to join this program. When you do a referral program, it means you give a commission for the publishers. The amount is based on your agreement with them. However, the referral program still costs you money and you need to put it in the marketing plan.

When you start your company, just believe that you could be a success even with a minimum budget. Money indeed matters for success. But it is not all about it. Be persistent and try those low cost marketing strategy plan above.

Strategies Of Pricing In Marketing That Worth To Try for Your Business

A successful of selling could be achieved through a well-implemented of the marketing mix. One of the factors is pricing. Whether your business is selling a product or offering a service, price is an essential thing. Actually, if we are talking about the marketing mix, there are four elements. But, in this article, we only focus on strategies of pricing in marketing. The list below is worth to try, even though for a small business.

The basic concept of pricing strategy is finding the right price for your business. The right price is when competitive to the other product in the market. Then, you can mix that strategy with kind of products, placement, and promotion method. Understanding the market is a must when you want to apply the strategies of pricing in marketing. In other words, you must read how competence your market in buying, what trends are happening, and many more. But now, let’s find out the pricing strategies you have to know:

1. Psychological Strategy

Using this method means you are playing with the customers’ emotional instead of their rationality. For certain customer, this strategy works very effectively. For example, the price is written in $99.9 instead of $100. In fact, there is no huge difference when they are in the cashier. But, the first price seems cheaper than the second one. They don’t analyze the use or quality of the product. The first thing attracted is the price.

2. Penetration Strategy

This strategy is suitable for the beginner. You put the lowest price than the market offers. Like the time you see the trend, the price is increased. The magic of this strategy is your customer feels worth to buy your product and service. As they get the benefit and feel satisfied, the higher price seems rational. So, you should be aware once the new competitor sets a lower price than yours and the previous brands.

3. Product Line Strategy

Have you seen a price like this: if you only cut your hair, the price is $11. But if you cut with cream bath, it would be $15. Then, if you choose the complete package, it would be $18. This strategy reflects how much cost you have spent in production. Thus, the price is the range which the customers think it is fair. As the seller, you get the profit through the range rather than you sell as a single item.

4. Bundling Pricing Strategy

This strategy is quite the same as the previous number. But, the difference is this usually used for sale. The more complimentary your product, the more rational you use this method.

5. Geographical Pricing Strategy

Just like the name, you set a price based on the place. Sometimes the buying ability in each place is different. So, you can set the price based on the store is located. Also, it is related to distribution cost. When you do shipping, the product might be more expensive than where it is sold without the delivery process.

Marketing should concern the way how to gain revenue. The higher is better. Those strategies of pricing in marketing above are able to be followed. Actually, there are several other strategies. But, you need a little research to apply them. Start from the simple one, then see how effective it is.