5 Incredibly Exciting Famous Food Festival In The World You Won’t Miss

5 Incredibly Exciting Famous Food Festival In The World You Won’t Miss

When you travel, don’t just visit popular sites or taking a selfie. Make another experience by tasting local culinary. Food is the thing you must not miss whenever you go. In a certain country, they have special moments only for eating food. They make a celebration, so people know it as the food festival. Find out the famous food festival in the world here. Mark the date and be there to join the crowd.

If you are in the diet program, then please forget only one day. You will be sorry if missing this moment. This event is full of distinctive foods and people around the world. You might also see the creativity of local chefs. Whatever it is, Just prepare yourself for this entertaining event. Here is the list of famous food festival in the world you won’t miss:

famous food festival in the world

1. Oktoberfest

Set your time to fly to Germany in October. Then, you will find the biggest beer celebration ever. All beer lovers around the world are in one place to enjoy the beer. There are lots of beer and culinary, like pretzel, roasted meats, and many more. You will never be regret bath in the crowd.

2. Pizzafest

Take a little longer time in Italy in September. Every third week of September there will be a Pizzafest. This is the most famous food festival in Naples, Italy. Held in the origin place where pizza was created, Pizzafest offers you lots of various pizza. It starts from the classic Napoletana, Marinara, and many others. If you are pizza lovers, then you must be there at least once!

3. Salon du Chocolate

In late October until early November, you must fly to Paris. This moment is dedicated to the Salon du Chocolate, where the chocolate lovers and fashion people are in the same place. You don’t only enjoy the chocolate. But also, you will see the fashion show costumes made from chocolate. What a sweet event to be missed.

4. Herring Festival

If you want to find a local food festival, then Herring Festival is the answer. This festival is in Denmark every April. You will see the party of fisherman there. Thus, lots of fish-caked, fried, filleted, and baked are served for you. You won’t find the other best seafood festival, especially for fish, but the Herring Festival. In other words, this festival is a unique cultural food around the world for many people.

5. Vegetarian Festival

Have we mentioned to forget about your diet? Well, don’t be sad, diet people! Probably you have ever heard about the popular food festival in Thailand. The name is “vegetarian food festival”. This is a heaven for vegan people. You can find various dishes made from vegetables, soybean, fruits, and protein products. Moreover, this event is more exciting because fulfilled by music, attractions, and parades.

Each country usually has its own event to introduce their local food. No matter how big the celebration is, you need to try its culinary once you travel. Explore more about the other famous food festival in the world. Above all, add those five events above to your holiday list.

Felix Knight