Strategies Of Pricing In Marketing That Worth To Try for Your Business

A successful of selling could be achieved through a well-implemented of the marketing mix. One of the factors is pricing. Whether your business is selling a product or offering a service, price is an essential thing. Actually, if we are talking about the marketing mix, there are four elements. But, in this article, we only focus on strategies of pricing in marketing. The list below is worth to try, even though for a small business.

The basic concept of pricing strategy is finding the right price for your business. The right price is when competitive to the other product in the market. Then, you can mix that strategy with kind of products, placement, and promotion method. Understanding the market is a must when you want to apply the strategies of pricing in marketing. In other words, you must read how competence your market in buying, what trends are happening, and many more. But now, let’s find out the pricing strategies you have to know:

1. Psychological Strategy

Using this method means you are playing with the customers’ emotional instead of their rationality. For certain customer, this strategy works very effectively. For example, the price is written in $99.9 instead of $100. In fact, there is no huge difference when they are in the cashier. But, the first price seems cheaper than the second one. They don’t analyze the use or quality of the product. The first thing attracted is the price.

2. Penetration Strategy

This strategy is suitable for the beginner. You put the lowest price than the market offers. Like the time you see the trend, the price is increased. The magic of this strategy is your customer feels worth to buy your product and service. As they get the benefit and feel satisfied, the higher price seems rational. So, you should be aware once the new competitor sets a lower price than yours and the previous brands.

3. Product Line Strategy

Have you seen a price like this: if you only cut your hair, the price is $11. But if you cut with cream bath, it would be $15. Then, if you choose the complete package, it would be $18. This strategy reflects how much cost you have spent in production. Thus, the price is the range which the customers think it is fair. As the seller, you get the profit through the range rather than you sell as a single item.

4. Bundling Pricing Strategy

This strategy is quite the same as the previous number. But, the difference is this usually used for sale. The more complimentary your product, the more rational you use this method.

5. Geographical Pricing Strategy

Just like the name, you set a price based on the place. Sometimes the buying ability in each place is different. So, you can set the price based on the store is located. Also, it is related to distribution cost. When you do shipping, the product might be more expensive than where it is sold without the delivery process.

Marketing should concern the way how to gain revenue. The higher is better. Those strategies of pricing in marketing above are able to be followed. Actually, there are several other strategies. But, you need a little research to apply them. Start from the simple one, then see how effective it is.

Educational YouTube Channel Your Kids Would Love And Put You At Ease

Today YouTube becomes a favorite thing for kids. Some of them prefer to stay at home than playing outside. As a parent, you have to be aware of it. YouTube brings positive and negative effects. If you can use YouTube wisely, then it gives you some benefits. For example, knowledge, entertainment, inspirations, and many more. Thus, we are here want to share with you the educational YouTube channel your kids would love to watch.

Every parent must know about this. Because, as alternative entertainment, YouTube offers various shows. Don’t let your kids watch something they should not see. Not all educational videos are boring. Some of them are very entertaining too. Below is the list of YouTube channel your kids would love:

1. Cocomelon

It is one of the famous YouTube channels for kids. Cocomelon was formed by ABCkidTV, the American channel. This channel has many videos about the baby who learns many things, such as taking a bath, eating fruits, saying sorry, and many others. All the lessons are in the songs. It has interesting music. So, it is fun to watch together with your kids and singing along.

2. Sesame Street

Known as a cute monster, Elmo guides every kid to learn many things. He has friends that will sing along or explore something together. This channel is suitable for kids to start a toddler. However, if your infant wants to have fun with Sesame Street monsters too is okay.

Many parents choose Sesame Street as their kids’ entertainment. They can enjoy the show at the same time because sometimes Sesame Street invites celebrities. They ask them to sing along together.

3. SciShow

Make science looks so interesting by watching SciShow. This channel dedicates its show to explore fascinating questions. If you sometimes stuck in answering your kids’ unexpected questions, then SciShow will help you. Any questions like, “what kills dino?”, “why are balloons flying?”, and others. Each day SciShow has certain lessons to discuss. So, your kids won’t get bored watching this channel for times every day. Thus, as the parent, SciShow can be your reference to practice simple science at home.

4. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

We could say that this channel has been most YouTube channel your kids would love ever. This channel shows a young woman who can do anything very great. Even though the video seems more suitable for elementary school, your toddler might enjoy it too. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is something like the video hacks for your kids.

5. It’s Okay to be Smart

Seems like the National Geographic for kids, It’s Okay to be Smart also shows science in very simple point of view. Moreover, all videos are complete with animations that help kids to understand. The explanation is very detail, but not make your kids confused. You can choose the content based on its topic. Because this channel offers subjects from toddlers until teens. What a worth channel to subscribe to.

Those YouTube channel your kids would love is regularly updated. It could be weekly or perhaps twice a week. The channel breaks all complex topics into simple understanding. It makes some fun for the kids to learn something new. 

Recommendation Of Top Laptop For Gaming In 2019

One of the functions of a laptop is to play games. Specifications for gaming laptops are also different from laptops in general. Thus, making the price of gaming laptops more expensive than the price of ordinary laptops. The following are the recommendations of the top laptop for gaming in 2019.

Top Laptop For Gaming In 2019

1. MSI GT80S 6QD Titan SLI

This type of laptop uses Intel’s 6th generation processor, the Intel Core i7-6820HK, which strongly supports gaming programs. The processor is a sophisticated product type Skylake H series that provides gamers to install heavy games.

The price for getting this type of laptop is fairly expensive. That is around 45,000,000 Rupiahs. So, this type of laptop is included in the top laptop for gaming in 2019. In addition, the technology used is Dynaudio. That can increase the amplitude of the sound by up to 50%. And, the resulting sound level reaches 10 dBA.


The MSI GT73VR is a laptop full of imagination. Because there is an Ansel NVIDIA technology makes the appearance of virtual reality in 360 degree and high definition visuals. The processor used is the Intel Core i7-7700HQ which is the 7th generation of the H series.

The price to get this laptop is 36,000,000 Rupiahs. And, making this laptop ranked second to the top laptops to play games. Both in terms of specifications and price. This laptop has 4 modes. First, namely sport mode to maximize ability when running heavy programs.

Second, namely, comfort mode to maintain the temperature level and muffle the sound from the laptop. Third, the eco mode for the lowest power consumption. Fourth, power options, namely extending battery power.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Y900

This gaming laptop uses an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card that is integrated with the NVIDIA G-SYNC. With this technology, making the laptop screen more smooth and real. This laptop uses the Intel Core i7-6820HK as a processor.

The advantages of the Intel Core i7-6820HK are using Hyper-Threading technology. Thus, all the cores on the processor can work doubled. The cost that must come out to be able to have this laptop is around 35,000,000 Rupiahs. No wonder this laptop is a top laptop for gaming.

4. Asus N551ZU-CN041H

Asus laptop type N551ZU-CN041H uses AMD Quad Core FX 7600P which reaches 2.7 GHz. This processor can update speeds of up to 3.6 GHz. In addition, this laptop has a 16GB DDR3 RAM.

By presenting a laptop with specifications, it is more than enough to be able to play 3D games take up storage. The price of this laptop is around 10,000,000 Rupiahs. The advantages of this laptop are found in audio. The resulting audio is clear sound and minimal distortion.

5. Asus X454YA-BX801D

When you need a laptop to complete tasks, work on graphic design. And, play games, but are constrained in the budget, then this laptop is one solution. Because this laptop is fairly cheap. The price ranges from 4,000,000 Rupiahs only.

Asus X454YA-BX801D uses a quad-core processor, AMD A8-7410. This processor has speeds reaching 2.2 GHz. Supporting components found on this laptop are RAM with a capacity of 4 GB DDR3.

Another advantage of Asus X454YA-BX801D is that it has Asus Sonic Master and Asus Audio Wizard technology. With this technology, it will produce a perfect sound from this laptop. This laptop is the top laptop for gaming, because besides cheap also the good specification.

That’s the 5 laptops of the top laptop for gaming that are recommendations the decision before buying a gaming laptop. Available various gaming laptops from the cheapest to the most expensive prices. Users only need to choose a gaming laptop according to their needs and budget.

Incredible! These Are The Best Beach Destinations For Honeymoon In Indonesia

For you all new couples around the world, a honeymoon is something you should do.  A newly married couple is usually doing a honeymoon to celebrate their marriage. Honeymoon is a journey to the exotic place with romantic vibes. Best beach destinations for honeymoon always famous as the number one pick.

If you are a beach lover, you will have a dream to visit a beautiful beach with your partner. Indonesia has been known as a country with a long beach line. As a result, Indonesia offered so many beautiful beaches for a honeymoon. For sure, they are arguable as the best beach destinations for honeymoon. It can be your alternative to visit one of them.

Best Beach Destinations For Honeymoon In Indonesia

1. Maratua Resort in Dermawan Island

Dermawan Island is one of all locations you can visit for a honeymoon. Firstly, it is a quiet beach with just a little tourist. Not everyone can enter this place easily. Most importantly, Maratua Resort also has limited visitors, it will comfort you and your partner which need an intimate time.

Derawan Island has many other little islands near it. It had clean saltwater, you can see any fish or other creature above the water. Playing with ray fish or sea turtle will be a good thing to do. Above all, Dermawan Island had a beautiful underwater scene that will make you very happy.

2. Ora Beach, Maluku

Indonesia had a beautiful place like you can visit in the Maldives. It contains an awesome view with a much small shack above the water.  You and your couple can do many things on this beautiful beach. For example, you can swim or just do a sunbathing on there

Nature is calm in here. Warm sun with a clear blue sky will be something you would not like to miss. It has clean saltwater. As a result, you can see the white sand under it. Therefore, small talk with that beautiful scene will be a good thing for a new couple like both of you.

3. Raja Ampat, Papua

If you ever wonder about the best beach destination for your honeymoon, then it is your best choice. Raja Ampat is located in West Papua. There are many small islands that if you see it from above. But, it will look like a turtle-shell.

In Raja Ampat, there available many resorts or homestay for you. Sitting near the beach with a calm vibe will be something you will never forget. If you are lucky enough, you can see a Bimasakti’s star glow up your night as a result.

4. Bunaken, Manado

Are you and your partner love to diving? Bunaken offered you a beautiful underwater view to choose from. Bunaken’s name is famous in the world because of the many diversity in it. It has a clean sea, you can see anything on there easily.

Having a big coral reef, Bunaken brings forward the beauty that cannot be seen in another place. Sea creatures on Bunaken are rich, there are many kinds of fish with different colors. Because of that, diving here is the best thing you can do. You will miss this place as soon as you leave it.

Now you know that the beautiful beach is not always Thailand or Maldives. On the other hand, Indonesia also had the best beach destinations for honeymoon. In short, there are many places you can visit. From many places, which one will be the lucky place to visited by you?

How To Get More Followers On Instagram Instantly In An Organic Way

how to get more followers on instagram instantly

When we talk about gaining Instagram followers in a short time, most people would think about buying followers. But it would be cheating and the numbest mostly consists of fake accounts. Then, how to get more followers on Instagram instantly – in an organic way?

It’s not impossible to get many followers in record time. As long as you know what the right thing to do, then more followers will you get. Don’t worry about how to get more followers on Instagram instantly, because we formulated several tricks that you can try:

1. Get a Character for Your Account

First thing first, your Instagram account should have its character. Because the account is your representative – in short. You should give it a purpose on why you need the account. By giving character, it means on what kind of content you’re going to post there. From the theme, topic, caption style, even the tone of the picture should have a unity.

2. Create a Catchy Hashtag

Creating a unique and catchy hashtag is an important thing to make people get interested in your account. By picking people’s interest with the hashtag, you will draw them into your port. In lieu, when they like your post, then they will check on your account. Once people check your account and scroll down onto your post, a big chance they will tap the follow button if they like on what they find.

3. Cross Promote Your Hashtag

Let’s be real here, having people scream, “Follow my account!” is irritating. Thus, don’t do the same. Be one step smarter by promoting the hashtag instead. Because only promoting hashtags can get people curious about what you have in your sleeve. Just let people check on the hashtag and ‘stumble’ on your post (in place of) your account ‘by chance’.

4. Join Popular Conversations

You may or may not follow some famous people or influencers, either on Instagram or any other media. Then, you can use the opportunity to join famous conversation. Get close to people through there. If you get close to any other person, then they will check into your account. Once they discover on your Instagram account and like your content, they will surely click the follow button.

5. Make Sure to be as Open as You Can

The purpose of bio in your Instagram account is to announce people on who you are. Thus, don’t be secretive and optimize the bio space by putting as much information as you can. By this, it means information on what you’re doing with the account. Put useful information that you want people to know about you. But make sure not to include sensitive information about yourself.

Now, you don’t have to worry about how to get more followers on Instagram instantly in an organic way. Getting organic followers’ growth is way better than having fake ones. Because real followers will make more engagement on each of your post. Not to mention, Instagram might feel on cleaning the fake accounts. Thus, by having the real ones you don’t have to worry about the possibility of decreasing followers’ numbers.

Free-Downloaded Best Photography Editor For Windows

A photo editor is used to get a better result. By using this tool, you can add effects, touches, or other adjustments. Sometimes it is needed for professionals too. They edit photos of models, for example removing the blemish, airbrushing, and fixing some errors (brightness, contract, etc.). Photo editing is also called photo manipulation because the result is tricked, people. Thus, you must explore the best photography editor for Windows in this article.

There are lots of photo editors, both in the free and paid versions. Even though you are using the free version, you still can get an amazing result. It is easier if you do edit through desktop, you will get a wider look than through the phone. As time goes by, the developers improve their app. So, find the best photography editor for Windows here to fulfill your needs:

1. Canva

Canva is available in free and paid. But there is no significant difference if you are the home users. You get so many benefits from Canva after signing up using e-mail. Canva gives you 1GB free cloud storage, 8,000 templates for creating new and editing, and two folders to organize your work. You might not find the advanced tools, but Canva already completes itself with vignette effects, tints, brightness adjustment, and much more. Don’t forget to use other graphics tools to make your design more perfect.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) could be the best photography editor for Windows ever. This editor is a complete package for you to get a result like a pro. Luckily, it is an open-source because some developers are included here. So, day by day you can get the update of new version tools. The excellent tools are curves, masks, custom brushes, and many more. Choose the right one for you from its official glossary. If you want more, you can install Photoshop plugins.

3. Paint.NET

Using this tool is quite the same as GIMP, but less powerful because simpler. Simplicity is something that Paint.NET wants to show. You can quick and easy operate this tool for trivial tasks. Knowing the tools are very simple, sometimes you might feel like using Paint in Microsoft. But, during the time, the developer improves by adding more editing tools, such as a number of filters, plugins, 3D rotate/zoom, and many more.

4. PhotoScape

A complete package means more than editing for PhotoScape. Even though it is free, you will be amazed by its menu, features, animated GIF creation, configurations, and many others. As a beginner, you are suitable for using PhotoScape. But it doesn’t mean an expert cannot use this. Just try its incredible filter features.

5. PiZap

You might want to edit a photo from social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Google Photo, and anywhere. PiZap can take photos from there and then edit it. Right after you finish the process, PiZap helps you to share the result to your account, storage cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Also, if you want to send it by e-mail, it is possible. Don’t be confused about the interface. The display looks dark, but it is impressive as its elegant look. Better for you when your screen is touch-screen.

The best photography editor for Windows has been very helpful for everyone. Thus, as time goes by there are various types and tools featured. Get the free one and work like a pro. When you feel need more expert tools, then join its monthly subscription.