YouTube channel your kids would love

Educational YouTube Channel Your Kids Would Love And Put You At Ease

Today YouTube becomes a favorite thing for kids. Some of them prefer to stay at home than playing outside. As a parent, you have to be aware of it. YouTube brings positive and negative effects. If you can use YouTube wisely, then it gives you some benefits. For example, knowledge, entertainment, inspirations, and many more. Thus, we are here want to share with you the educational YouTube channel your kids would love to watch.

Every parent must know about this. Because, as alternative entertainment, YouTube offers various shows. Don’t let your kids watch something they should not see. Not all educational videos are boring. Some of them are very entertaining too. Below is the list of YouTube channel your kids would love:

1. Cocomelon

It is one of the famous YouTube channels for kids. Cocomelon was formed by ABCkidTV, the American channel. This channel has many videos about the baby who learns many things, such as taking a bath, eating fruits, saying sorry, and many others. All the lessons are in the songs. It has interesting music. So, it is fun to watch together with your kids and singing along.

2. Sesame Street

Known as a cute monster, Elmo guides every kid to learn many things. He has friends that will sing along or explore something together. This channel is suitable for kids to start a toddler. However, if your infant wants to have fun with Sesame Street monsters too is okay.

Many parents choose Sesame Street as their kids’ entertainment. They can enjoy the show at the same time because sometimes Sesame Street invites celebrities. They ask them to sing along together.

3. SciShow

Make science looks so interesting by watching SciShow. This channel dedicates its show to explore fascinating questions. If you sometimes stuck in answering your kids’ unexpected questions, then SciShow will help you. Any questions like, “what kills dino?”, “why are balloons flying?”, and others. Each day SciShow has certain lessons to discuss. So, your kids won’t get bored watching this channel for times every day. Thus, as the parent, SciShow can be your reference to practice simple science at home.

4. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

We could say that this channel has been most YouTube channel your kids would love ever. This channel shows a young woman who can do anything very great. Even though the video seems more suitable for elementary school, your toddler might enjoy it too. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is something like the video hacks for your kids.

5. It’s Okay to be Smart

Seems like the National Geographic for kids, It’s Okay to be Smart also shows science in very simple point of view. Moreover, all videos are complete with animations that help kids to understand. The explanation is very detail, but not make your kids confused. You can choose the content based on its topic. Because this channel offers subjects from toddlers until teens. What a worth channel to subscribe to.

Those YouTube channel your kids would love is regularly updated. It could be weekly or perhaps twice a week. The channel breaks all complex topics into simple understanding. It makes some fun for the kids to learn something new.